The Consortium Produttori e Tutela della DOP Fontina

Set up in 1957, initially as the Fontina Producers' Consortium and later as Producers Consortium and DOP Fontina Safeguarding Body it superintends the production and marketing of Fontina and sees to the branding of those cheeses which meet the Fontina production regulations.

Organization chart

The Board of Directors
15 members

Dr. Livio Vagneur - President
Elio Fognier - Vice president
Councillors :
Edy Bianquin
Mirko Bizel
Fabrizio Ernesto Chenal
Piero Cuaz
Piero Lorenzo Jocallaz
Jean Antoine Maquignaz
Yves Giuseppe Perraillon
Sisto Persod
Roberto Ronco
Davide Squinobal
Mauro Treves
Domenico Volget
Attilio Yeuilla

The Executive Council
5 members of the Board of Directors

Dr. Livio Vagneur
Elio Fognier
Edy Bianquin
Mirko Bizel
Mauro Treves

Il Board of Auditors
3 members

Dr. Matteo Frassille - President Christian Duclos
Elio Quendoz

List of partners


Production regulations

The Production regulations of the DOP Fontina cheese include the following articles:
Article 1: Denomination Article 2: Production Zone Article 4: Feeding the milk cows Article 5: Transformation Article 6: Salting Article 7: Characteristics of Branding Article 8: Maturing and Preservation Article 9: Identification and branding the product Article 10: Packaging

The Production regulations of the DOP Fontina cheese


DOP: Denomination of Protected Origin
The Fontina Producers' Consortium on 14th July 1993 presented to the European Union Commission the application for the recognition of DOP for this Valdaostan cheese, up to then one of the DOC cheeses.
In December 1995 the Commission in a regulation outline, together with 6 other Italian cheeses, gave "Fontina" the Denomination of Protected Origin.

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