Fontina unveils itself...

Fontina means Aosta Valley

Fontina cheese has a Protected Designation of Origin status, a milky aroma, a sweet flavour and a creamy texture.

  • Surrounded by the highest peaks in Europe.

    Montagne Valdostane
  • Dry Summers.
    Hard Winters.

    Clima Valle d'Aosta
  • Mountaineering culture.

  • Great snowfalls.

    alpeggio neve
  • An everyday story.

    mucche castello fenis
  • Art explains…

    Mucche al pascolo · Italo Mus (1892-1967)

    mucche Italo Mus
  • The story of a tiny alpine world.

    Amedeo Chapellu (1908-1999)

    cultura alpina
  • Throughout the centuries, the population of the Aosta Valley has been able to exploit the limited resources that their - sometimes hostile - environment has been giving them.

    l'uomo valdostano
  • In Aosta Valley the use of Fontina to prepare everyday meals and traditional dishes is a century-long custom.

    storia fontina
  • The “cornailles”.
    Carved during the long days out to pasture, this toy well represent the culture underlying the local popular art.

  • A mountain life.
    During the centuries, the local people have selected a cattle breed of special features. This type of breed has great agility - even on arduous slopes, is strong and particularly fit for the hard climate of the Alps.

    selezione razza bovina
  • All eyes on the eyes!

    To understand the quality of Fontina you must pay attention to its “eyes”! They must be round - no matter if they are big or small. They are the eyes of its “tenderness”.

    occhio Fontina
  • 1 · Stirring of the curd.

    Spinatura rottura cagliata
  • 2 · Moulding.

    Messa fascera pasta
  • 3 · Pressing.

    Messa pressa forma
  • 4 · CTF Number branding
    (identifying the cheesemaker).

    Numero CTF alpeggio
  • 5 · Casein Plate affixing.

    Numero in caseina Fontina
  • 6 · Salting during maturation stage.

    salatura stagionatura
  • 7 · Testing with sampling dowel.

  • 8 · The PDO marking.

  • After 80 days
    Fontina is ready
    to be served!

    Fontina DOP
  • The importance
    of certified

    Fontina Marchio DOP
  • To safeguard the consumer.

    The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) refers to European Law (Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2081/92 – Council Regulation (EEC) No. 510/2006). A PDO product must follow the rules of the production standards, a document published on the Official Journal of the European Union L 30/19 of 04/02/2011.

    Denominazione di Origine Protetta
  • The unique characteristics
    of Fontina PDO in 7 points.

    A third body is in charge of the branding, while the Consortium safeguards the PDO trademark.

    Cheesemaker and date of production are always identifiable.

    Milk comes exclusively from cattle breeds of the Aosta Valley.

    Only grass of mountain pastures and hay of valley floor.

    Just a few hours after the milking, twice a day.

    Lactic acid bacteria
    Use of autochthonous lactic acid bacteria.

    Ageing takes place in some natural caves of the Aosta Valley.

    caratteristiche Fontina DOP
  • Contemporary food

    cibi contemporanei
  • Fontina is
    getting ready
    for a new tasting

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    Fontina DOP

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