Agostino Buillas – My polenta concia

My polenta concia

  • Ingredienti:

Ingredients for 4: 

½ litre water 

150 g stone-ground 8 File corn flour 

100 g egg 

250 g Fontina PDO 

350 g cream 

200 g pancetta tesa 

150 g fine-ground 8 File corn flour 

50 g egg white 

salt q.s. 

1 litre extra virgin olive oil 

  • Preparazione


For the polenta: pour the corn flour into a saucepan where you have brought the water to the boil; stir to avoid the formation of lumps and after about an hour of cooking pour the mixture into a baking tray; allow to cool completely. 

Roll the cold polenta into balls about 3 cm in diameter, dip them in egg and then in corn. 

Keep them chilled. 

For the Fontina cream: cut the Fontina into pieces and add the cream; melt the mixture in a bain-marie; strain the cream and keep warm. 

For the crispy pancetta: cut the pancetta into strips and brown it in the oven at 180° for about 5-6 minutes and keep warm. 

For the corn flakes: mix the fine flour with the egg white until a soft, homogeneous mixture is obtained; spread a very thin layer on a silpat and bake in the oven at 180° for about 2 minutes. Cool the resulting crispy pastry and crumble it. 


Pour the Fontina cream into a thermal siphon and add 2 gas canisters. 

Bring the oil to temperature and fry the polenta balls in it. 

Arrange the fried balls on the bottom of a small casserole together with the crispy pancetta strips and cover with a layer of Fontina mousse; sprinkle with polenta corn flakes and serve.