“Sauça du berger”

  • Ingredienti:


200 g dark courgettes 

100 g green beans 

100 g carrots 

100 g potatoes 

100 g cotechino 

100 g pancetta tesa 

100 g suckling pig 

100 g Fontina PDO 

1 small bunch of thyme 

  • Preparazione


Steam the cotechino, pancetta and suckling pig for about 20 minutes. 

Store chilled. 

Clean and wash the vegetables. Keep the courgettes aside and cut the other vegetables into chunks as desired, then steam them for 10 minutes or more depending on the size you prefer. 

Steam the diced courgettes for about 10 minutes; cool them immediately in ice water and then blend them into a smooth, green cream; season lightly with salt. 

Arrange the heated meat and vegetables on the plate and finish with cubes of Fontina PDO, the warm courgette cream and a small bunch of thyme.